An update to our placeholders has unlocked {region} functionality - enabling our clients to receive more information from their callbacks.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve finished our Ad Spend API integrations with several partners, including AdColony, AppLift, and Remerge.

Our dynamic callback parameters have had their availability extended beyond installs.

With the release of Google’s new Referrer API we’ve created extra timestamps in our callbacks.

Today we’re releasing a couple of improvements to our callbacks, which create a new way for you to utilize your Adjust data.

For all your clicks, installs and attributions, you can now receive a much larger amount of information in your callbacks. This update, known as dynamic callback parameters, can help power your data collection in a whole new way. Find out what this means in our latest product update.

On Thursday February 9th, we’ll enable callbacks for ad impressions – meaning you can get a full, real-time sync of all the impressions measured by Adjust, and the performance of the ad campaigns that generated those impressions. If you’re already using callbacks, you might want to set up a filter – read more in this post.

{country_subdivision} and {postal_code} are here. Real-time callbacks to your network partners or to your BI server can now contain more detailed geographic data. First one to retarget users with billboard advertising wins a secret prize! When you set your callbacks up in the dashboard, you can drop in these placeholders. adjust's servers will fetch and place the real values when pinging the callback - such as syncing tracked purchases, sessions, levels beat, or any other in-app event.