Facebook has introduced a host of new standard events, in order for clients to better understand app engagement. Find out more, here.

We’re rolling out view-through (impression-based) attribution for your mobile app installation campaigns on Facebook. Users that have seen one of your mobile app install ads on Facebook, and then proceeded to download your app without clicking the ad itself, can now be credited to your mobile app install Facebook campaigns.

Most app marketing strategies include, at some point, various social media accounts - a Facebook page, a Twitter profile. And did you know that you can easily insert Adjust trackers into a Facebook post, to see how your organic posts perform?

At Facebook’s f8 event this morning, Facebook announced a new and updated suite of tools for analytics & attribution, for Facebook campaigns as well as for a select set of traffic partners. Naturally, Facebook attribution is a topic close to our hearts, and we wanted to publicly address some of the key questions this raises.