Feature Release

Our latest blacklisting feature gives you the ability to stop campaigns set on fraudulent sources.

Our Ad Spend Initiative, which launched in October of 2017 is made up of several different features. It’s now possible to send cost data on engagement. Here's how to get set up.

We recently told you that you weren’t getting the full picture when it comes to LTV. Today, we’re happy to announce our new attribution source filter, which will finally provide you with your user’s native LTV.

Testing your marketing campaigns, or triple-checking a new app feature? We’ve integrated our device inspection tools into the dashboard to make that easier for everyone. With the Testing Console, you can pull up all of Adjust’s data on your device right from the dashboard.

This is Mobile Measurement 2.0. Find out about our big new update here.

You can now control which users have access to revenue data within their Adjust dashboards. This new feature is handy when you’re inviting agencies or partners to work with you on your Adjust dashboard, without revealing core company metrics.

Today, we’re launching a connector between Adjust and Amazon S3 storage. This is designed so that you can get a running storage of your raw data callbacks right into an S3 bucket, for further analysis.

With Privacy Insights, you can now add a new metric to all of your dashboard views and reports: the proportion of users who have activated Limit Ad Tracking. You can find the new KPI in the column selection for any graph or overview report. With the new insights, you can find out if certain user segments are more likely to opt out of tracking than others, and gauge the efficacy of different channels to reach users with LAT activated.

Not all of the in-app purchases that are made in your app are real. As it turns out, as many as 30 % of all IAPs on iOS are falsified - whether through a rooted device, a hijacked App Store request, or through some other form of adjust can now check your in-app purchase receipt in real time and verify that the purchase is real, by pinging Apple’s or Google’s receipt verification servers.

In the new Adjust dashboard, we've launched a very exciting new feature: the Account History.