We’re rolling out view-through (impression-based) attribution for your mobile app install campaigns on Google AdWords.

We’ve made a small update that will now send Google Click IDs (known as gclid) in callbacks to improve your ability to work with Adwords and with Google’s new API.

Back in May, we announced that Google launched a brand new API with their App Attribution Partner program, giving app developers a new way to integrate with AdWords campaigns.

We’ve been working closely with Google to set up a new module for the updated app conversions API. Find out more in this post!

If you google app-related queries on Android devices, since earlier this year, there’s been a shortcut right in the search result. The links let users download the apps directly – skipping the Google Play Store altogether. We just updated our dashboard to pull in the keywords people were searching for when that happens. A user who downloads an app from a Google search query will be attributed back to that query. The list of keywords will be displayed in the adjust dashboard.

Very happy to announce that we’ve added Google Analytics to our ever-growing list of supported analytics solutions. With our new Google Analytics integration, you are able to seamlessly push deep attribution and in-app event data into Google Analytics.The integration is activated simply by adding your GA tracking ID into your adjust dashboard. This immediately starts pinging your GA setup with attribution data, allowing you to filter and analyze your data in Google Analytics with up-to-date adjust attributions.Additionally, you can track the entire set of in-app events in your app, and add any amount of partner parameters to send any kind of data through your adjust tracking over to Google Analytics. Don’t repeat yourself - track the event once, add the data that you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.The documentation is here.