Many of our clients have been asking for the ability to track Facebook Pixel events with Adjust’s SDK. With this update, this is now possible.

A new filter now allows you to view a partner’s performance across their various properties.

Take a look at our new partnership announcement with Tencent Social Ads. Tencent owns the largest user base in China, and as such, they are an extremely valuable platform to work with.

Today we'd like to announce a new special partner: Naver, the number one search engine operating in Korea.

Today we’re excited to announce that we are now part of the Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner program.

We’re rolling out view-through (impression-based) attribution for your mobile app installation campaigns on Facebook. Users that have seen one of your mobile app install ads on Facebook, and then proceeded to download your app without clicking the ad itself, can now be credited to your mobile app install Facebook campaigns.

Adjust has updated its partner parameter logic to make the process of forwarding important data to your partners even easier. This new functionality bypasses the need to update the SDK - changes to event parameters can made on a partner specific basis right from the dashboard. For example, now, if you push “last_level_completed” as a partner parameter (that is only sent to partners, not ingested by our system), you can rename it to “ultimate_level_completed” for another partner to meet their naming conventions.

Partner settings will now allow you to deactivate reattribution in the dashboard - for those campaigns where you know you won't be reactivating inactive users. You've always had the option to deactivate reattributions for specific tracker URLs, flagging it with `rt=0`. Now, this flag can also be set on integrations where tracker URLs aren't required.

We’re excited to announce that not only are we integrated with iAd, but that there’s no extra setup needed to sync up your iAd data with your adjust account...

We're excited to announce that iTunes Analytics is now integrated within your Adjust dashboard...