Take a look at our release notes for Instant Reattribution, here.

Partner settings will now allow you to deactivate reattribution in the dashboard - for those campaigns where you know you won't be reactivating inactive users. You've always had the option to deactivate reattributions for specific tracker URLs, flagging it with `rt=0`. Now, this flag can also be set on integrations where tracker URLs aren't required.

While we’ve always tracked your re-engagements for campaigns you mark as retargeting or re-engagement efforts, we wanted to unlock the hidden 45 % of re-engagements coming from campaigns that haven’t been explicitly designated for these purposes. With our new Universal Reattribution tool, you no longer have tell us to find these returning users: instead, we’ll automatically record and reattribute them. The result is a holistic overview of these re-engaged users, the sources they came from and what their in-app behavior resembles – all in real time, and for every campaign.