We’ve upgraded our click injection filter by utilizing Google’s `install_begin` timestamp, which was made available in the new Google Play Referrer API.

30 May, 2018

SDK 4.13

Adjust’s SDK has received a further upgrade, to become what we’ve called ‘The Security SDK’.

With the new Adjust Signature, we’ve created a robust system designed to stop hackers. From now on, we’re making use of a more complex signature that you can set up in your dashboard to bring you the ultimately security from traffic spoofing.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Today we’re pleased to announce a few new surprises, all wrapped up together with the launch of our SDK 4.12 for iOS, Android and Windows.

Read on to learn about the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, ePrivacy, and how Adjust maintains compliancy.

With Privacy Insights, you can now add a new metric to all of your dashboard views and reports: the proportion of users who have activated Limit Ad Tracking. You can find the new KPI in the column selection for any graph or overview report. With the new insights, you can find out if certain user segments are more likely to opt out of tracking than others, and gauge the efficacy of different channels to reach users with LAT activated.