Tracker Links

Campaign Wizard gives you complete customization of your tracker level attribution settings, right down to the ad group level. Find out more about the new release, here.

You’re not always just distributing your apps via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. With adjust’s new tool, you can generate targeted tracking versions of your app for each of these stores or preinstall campaigns. This lets you see how many users each App Store delivers to your app, how engaged they are compared to each other, how well they retain, how often they convert to paying users, and all of the other analysis you’re already getting from adjust.

With the new Tracker Wizard tool, you’re now able to quickly and painlessly create tracker links, and more!

You can already tweak adjust’s redirection logic extensively - to send users to different Stores, websites, or wherever else you might want to. On the one hand, you might want to send Android users to the Google Play Store (or Amazon, or Mobogenie, or any other store for that matter), and iOS users to iTunes. On the other hand, you might want to track a campaign pointing to your website.

Got marketing channels you're comparing to more frequently than others? Keep your favorite trackers exactly where you want them with our new tracker pinning. Simply click on the pin icon to pin your tracker in place. This functionality also works with custom views, giving you full flexibility to keep your trackers organized whichever way you want.

Adjust’s trackers easily extend to automatically redirect users to the appropriate platform.