Got marketing channels you're comparing to more frequently than others? Keep your favorite trackers exactly where you want them with our new tracker pinning. Simply click on the pin icon to pin your tracker in place. This functionality also works with custom views, giving you full flexibility to keep your trackers organized whichever way you want.

We’ve been working hard to improve the usability of our interface and to offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to tracking and reporting. Our latest release allows you to store your filtered views as custom dashboards...

Adjust’s trackers easily extend to automatically redirect users to the appropriate platform.

We typically like to launch features in iterations as we go along. But today, we’re doing a somewhat unusual launch: we’re presenting the fruits of over six months of incremental frontend work with our new dashboard, next.adjust.com.

Changes deployed today make it easier to create and manage apps that are built with frameworks like Unity or Cordova, and deployed on multiple platforms using a single code base. You can now add stores on-the-fly to your app - automatically crunching the data for your apps, redirecting your users to the correct stores, and allowing you to filter all of your statistics by any platform at any time.

We’ve changed the statistics page to be a little more streamlined: now you can look forward to a snapshot of all of your apps and their activity over the past month...