Real-time prevention of mobile ad fraud

The Adjust Fraud Prevention Suite

Fraudulent traffic costs you more than you think. The Fraud Prevention Suite protects your budget and stops mobile ad fraud in real time. We give you clean marketing attribution data for totally accurate analysis. Hit your targets without paying for fake installs.

"It’s like getting the best insurance you can have for marketing."

Linh Tjian, Senior Marketing Manager, Kongregate

Mobile ad fraud: it affects you

Fake installs, poached organics, hyper-engagement: mobile ad fraud wrecks your data. Here’s how:

Eats your UA budget

You pay for fake installs that don’t belong to real users

Hides your best channels

You won’t know which channels deliver high-quality traffic

Ruins your data accuracy

You don’t see data patterns that help you spend smarter

Wastes your team's time

You focus on incorrect statistics

I don’t think any advertiser really understands the amount of fraudulent traffic they are dealing with until they activate the Fraud Prevention Suite. I can’t imagine doing any media buying without it now.

Moshi Blum

User Acquisition Lead, Viber

Accurate at every level, 24/7

Powered by German engineering

The Fraud Prevention Suite uses three different tools to analyze every install event in the moment for signs of fraud. From server farms spamming you with thousands of clicks to shady partners charging you for your own organic users, we’ve built hardware to stop them and protect you from every phoney engagement.

Say goodbye to suspicious IPs

Anonymous IP Filtering

The Anonymous IP Filter is powered by a dynamic list of IPs associated with data centers, TOR exit nodes, VPN services and more. Adjust examines and cross-checks the billions of incoming installs we receive every day and programmatically rejects any illegitimate activity detected, in realtime.

Prevent simulated conversions

Imagine an empty server warehouse filled with thousands of phones, each one sending millions of fake clicks and installs. Adjust's IP database shuts them down. Only real users convert.

Stops geo-manipulated installs

Want to target a certain region? This makes you vulnerable to VPNs routed through your targeted geos. They love to eat up your CPI budget. Our IP database contains a comprehensive list of untrustworthy IPs, so any install associated with one of these is rejected.

Stop fake clicks with

Distribution Modeling and the Hyper Engagement Filter

Adjust created the industry's most powerful click spam detection tools by harnessing the trillions of data points collected by over 22,000 integrated apps. We know what real traffic looks like and we check all incoming install traffic for abnormalities. Attributions for suspicious installs are automatically rejected in real time, before you pay for them.

Block click spam

Click spam poaches your organic installs. Those are the users who found your app without the help of an ad. You shouldn’t have to pay for them. Our Distribution Modeling calculates the statistical correlation between the click engagement and the resulting install; we reject fakes based on the resulting analysis.

Eliminate hyper-engagement

Have a high number of clicks with a low number of active users and device counts? You’ve got hyper-engagement. Not to worry; we’ve got a filter for it. We tie a user's attribution time window to their install and deny any installs with outlying click behavior.

The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

CAAF is a group of industry leaders who have pledged to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on. We are working closely together to develop modern solutions that benefit advertisers who are affected by fraudulent traffic, with the goal of disincentivizing mobile ad fraud even further.

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Members of CAAF

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An Expert’s Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud:

In our guide, we look at the sources of mobile fraud; the ways in which ad fraud can create problems with your data, and how we as an industry can fight it.

This report will show you:

  1. The types of fraud which exist in mobile advertising
  2. How fraud could affect your campaigns and your datasets
  3. How the industry can work together to fight off fraud

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