Fighting ad fraud together

Coalition Against Ad Fraud

CAAF is a group of industry leaders who have pledged to tackle mobile ad fraud head-on. We are working closely together to develop modern solutions that benefit advertisers who are affected by fraudulent traffic, with the goal of disincentivizing mobile ad fraud even further.

What's the aim?

CAAF aims to educate the industry about the problems of ad fraud and create alignment around the types of measures that are needed to fight it.

CAAF’s Guide to Fraud

CAAF has also produced a document providing advertisers, supply-side networks, third-party vendors and other industry participants with a technical overview of the current state of mobile performance ad fraud.

In it, we’ll take you through the practical side of fraud, defining fraud schemes
while detailing how they work.

Who gets to join?

Eligible partners and advertisers are welcome to join the coalition.

To apply, contact us via your closest Adjust representative, or click here.

All applicants must go through a rigorous vetting process which is handled by Adjust.

Our current membership has agreed to adhere to a set of guidelines which includes establishing what constitutes performance fraud in alignment with IAB measurement guidelines, as well as committing to latency guidelines, and agreeing on responsibilities on dealing with the issue.

Current CAAF members

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