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Mobile app marketer? Get the insights you need to create best-in-class experiences delivered in one smart dashboard. Unify your campaigns and follow your customers cross-platform. Retarget cart abandoners with personalized deep links and real-time rewards. Utilize the power of data to increase retention rates and boost user engagement.

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Adjust has given us the tools we need to tie our desktop and mobile data together, giving us a more complete picture of user journeys across platforms. This has allowed us to make more informed marketing decisions and ultimately drive higher return on ad spend.

Kamal Taylor

Head of Online & Commerce, Yelp

Working with Adjust was a milestone that allowed us to further improve, not only in tracking, but also in efficiency, and visibility. This is not possible without the account management and support we get from their side.

Faisal Hammad

Global Marketing Manager, Foodpanda

We plugged our source data from existing campaigns right into the app, seamlessly carrying on a conversation from the ad campaign down to the first purchase. Within the first initial tests, the conversion to buyer jumped up by 77 %. Let’s say that’s enough to make sure we’ll be building this out for heavy production use.

Tautvydas Gylys

Product Manager, Vinted

Thanks to our implementation with Adjust we now have a deep understanding of all the performance channels we work with including all the data points that go along with that. This has helped justify the increase of spend on mobile from our total marketing budget; shifting from just 1% of our total marketing budget to around 35% - which will have a significant impact on our business.

Luis-Daniel Alegria

Chief Product Officer, Evino


Combine your web and mobile marketing campaigns

Increase your ROI with deeper customer insights. Connect important multi-platform data points, find the best time to engage and target based on their preferred platform, and tell a cohesive story to your users.


In-app and cross-platform analytics from click to LTV

Pinpoint your most valuable partners, ads, emails, and deals - whether they come from desktop, mobile, tablet, or even TV. Adjust’s analytics let you drill down into hourly data trends, so you can keep investing in the right place.

Audience Builder

Activate your customer data with segments

Take control of the data you share with partners and create unlimited segments based on your own KPIs. Whether they shop for tomorrow’s clothes or tonight’s meal, learn more about their in-app journey and turn window shoppers into loyal customers. Discover which items they add to basket, when they complete a purchase, and when cart abandonment is at its highest.

See what Adjust can do for you

TV Tracking

Measure the impact of TV on mobile

Sync your television advertising to mobile and analyze results directly in the Adjust dashboard. Measure key KPIs alongside your other campaigns to make stronger decisions based on real-time data.

Fraud Prevention

Keep your budget & data safe with our Fraud Prevention Suite

Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite eliminates fraudulent traffic from ever being attributed to your paid channels. Target real customers who shop in your app, not bots. Real-time protection gives you the security to work with any partner you want, so you can get the message out about your products.

Data Security

You own your data

Adjust follows the strictest data privacy laws in the world. We earned the ePrivacy seal after passing rigorous technical and legal security audits and we never use cloud storage, only our own servers. We were built with your security in mind.

Global leaders in eCommerce use Adjust

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