Why mobile marketers choose Adjust

Adjust is marketing technology built for mobile: we give your team the tools needed for success. More Top 10 Apps are working with Adjust than with any other provider – here's why.

Your data is unified - and it’s yours

We give you a comprehensive overview of channel-by-channel performance, in a single dashboard. We never share or alter your data: working with Adjust means your data belongs to you.

Work with any ad network you want to, plus Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Work with the biggest networks all over the world, including Facebook and Twitter. We dynamically integrate with any partner and additionally offer 800+ direct integrations.

Tailor your tracking to your needs

In mobile, flexibility is key: that’s why we let you scale your setup to your marketing needs. With Adjust, you get both unlimited event tracking and a customizable attribution window on a per-app basis.

Raw data for granular insight

Get unlimited raw data sent to the endpoint of your choosing. Choose from over 60 macros to customize the data you receive.

Easy integration with an open source SDK

Adjust technology can be integrated into your app in seconds – and no compiled SDK code means you’re safe from unexpected bugs and using a more secure solution.

State-of-the-art cohorts with unlimited lookback

Cohorts let you explore user behavior by aggregated install day and across multiple KPIs for unmatchable user insight. We give you rolling retention rates from day one, plus aggregated revenue and revenue event count.

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Increase user LTV

Get the most out of your users by spurring them into action: full retargeting and re-engagement capabilities give you the power to activate exactly the users you want to. Push them back into your app for maximum LTV.

The strictest privacy standards

Adjust uses SSL encryption and is fully compliant with the European Data Protection Directive. We are one of the few to earn the ePrivacy Seal, a globally accepted data security certification.

In-depth app store analysis

Get full, historical insight into your store performance and rankings: discover how your rankings and user ratings have changed over time.

Stop fraud as it happens

Prevent fraud from the moment it happens. Adjust keeps your data clean and your ROI accurate – never suffer from faked or poached installs or clicks again.

Control who sees your data – and what they see.

State-of-the-art user rights management systems and a privacy-focused design means that you can give dashboard access to whomever you need to without jeopardizing your data.

Unlimited, fully customizable reporting

Get exactly the reports you want, whenever you want. We never limit the scope or size of your reporting – you can access the data you want, whenever you want it.

Deep links for seamless UX

Adjust has the industry’s most reliable deeplinking solutions for iOS and Android. Make sure users stay engaged by sending them to a specific part of your app, by using customized onboarding and more.

A world class support team

The Adjust Client Services team helps you every step of the way. From integration to troubleshooting to adapting best practices, Client Services is here to help.

Used by marketers like you across the globe.

100 billion smartphones reached, 100 trillion data points collected. We're trusted by leading apps around the world.

See what adjust can do for you

Get a tour and find out why more mobile marketers choose adjust