Apr 09, 2020

Adjust's New Integration with the Huawei App Gallery Referrer API

We’re excited to announce that Adjust has integrated the Huawei App Gallery Referrer API. This lets us track attributions for users who use new Huawei mobile devices supported by Huawei App Gallery version 10.4 and higher starting in April.

Why now?

New Huawei mobile devices no longer have the Google Play Service by default. This means the Google Referrer API is unavailable for referrer-based attribution for users on Huawei devices. With the integration of the Huawei App Gallery Store Referrer API, Adjust will now use this to fetch the referrer for Huawei devices to use for attribution. Another benefit of the Huawei Referrer API is that it provides install start and finish timestamps, which are useful against fraud.

In order to make use of the Huawei App Gallery Referrer API, you'll need to upgrade to Adjust Android SDK version 4.21.1 (or higher). For your reference, this is the Adjust Android SDK Readme. For the time being, this update is only on Adjust native Android SDK. Non-native SDK updates will be released soon.

How does attribution with the Huawei App Gallery Referrer API work?

Attribution with the Huawei API works in a similar way to the Google Play Referrer API. Here's how:

  1. An app is installed (download + first open) on the mobile device
  2. Adjust SDK asks the Huawei App Gallery for the referrer value
  3. Huawei App Gallery sends the value to the Adjust SDK
  4. Our SDK receives the referrer content and sends via SDK click to our backend
  5. Adjust Backend checks for any engagement with the same Adjust reftag appended

Important: The Huawei App Gallery app must be installed on the user's mobile device.

A reminder about Android referrer-based attribution

Device matching is Adjust's main attribution method. We collect a unique identifier from recorded engagements and installs, and if both IDs match, we can attribute that engagement to the install.

Adjust reftags are one of the device identifiers that Adjust uses for attribution. Reftags are unique IDs we create for clicks/impressions, and are passed through the Android referrer.

Until now, Adjust has retrieved the Adjust reftag value on install by using the Google Play Referrer API. With this latest integration, we can now also use the Huawei App Gallery Referrer API.

The Google Play Store app waits to be asked by the installed app about the referrer information. Our SDK makes the request after the first app open, providing this part of the SDK guide has been implemented. Then, the Google Play Store answers directly to the SDK with the referrer value and the Adjust SDK sends the referrer to our backend via SDK click.

For any questions about the Huawei Referrer API, please contact support@adjust.com.