Oct 10, 2022

The Assists Dashboard: visibility into your whole customer journey

We’re excited to announce the release of our Assists Dashboard! As a dedicated dashboard available in Datascape, this premium solution allows you to get a full-funnel perspective on your marketing campaigns. Combining our trusted last-touch attribution logic with a new dimension - assisting touch points - you can now look beyond your attributed data to see the role of each engagement a user makes as part of their conversion journey.

The power of assists

Assists are an important part of piecing together the full user story behind attribution and seeing the value of all your marketing channels together. By pinpointing the touch points that play a role in assisting conversions, you can make better-informed decisions for optimization strategies.

With the Assists dashboard, we bring all your assist data together in one place. This gives you a holistic understanding of your campaigns, with insights into which campaigns, ad groups, and creatives are assisting conversions from your attributed channels. Leverage the built-in widgets to understand the types of engagements that assist your users' journey to your app, and know which channels bring the most value in attributed and assisted installs.

Key benefits of Adjust’s assists reporting

Our best-in-market Assists Dashboard solution brings marketers immense benefits with its powerful reporting and visualizations.

  • All your marketing channels, including mobile, web, and OTT, in a single view.
  • Granular reporting down to the creative level for the greatest insights.
  • Unlimited data for full assists analysis with no hidden costs.
  • Flexible attribution window for maximum control and a more complete view on full-funnel efforts.

Try it out now

The Assist Dashboard is a premium solution. Ready to start your free trial to see how it can help your marketing strategy? Get in touch with sales@adjust.com.