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Out now! Adjust and Liftoff’s Japan Engagement Report

The opportunities present in the Japanese app marketplace are unlike any other. The fourth-richest country in the world contains a vast and engaged audience with a huge appetite for apps across most verticals — and in many instances, they’re not only willing to play, but also pay. To navigate this advanced market and to avoid the pitfalls you need some guidance, and our latest report helps you grasp the opportunities and overcome the obstacles.

For the second year running, Adjust has teamed up with Liftoff to produce the 2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report, a compendium of the latest information on the Japanese App Economy. The report analyzed 2,964,919 installs from 177 apps over a year (Aug 1, 2018 — July 31, 2019) and delivers insights that cover user acquisition, app engagement by vertical, and, of course, retention.

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Gaming and Shopping apps maintain momentum

A breakdown of retention rates by vertical shows app users download apps with a purpose. Double-digit retention rates for most apps (except Dating) from Day 1 through Day 30, indicate users are dedicated to their favorite apps and convinced of the value they offer. Marketers who make the cut clearly benefit from strong and lasting loyalty.

With 36% retention on Day 1, Gaming apps lead the pack. The Day 30 retention rate of 14% (the highest of all app categories) indicates users stay with the games they love.

  • Shopping is another sticky app category. The retention curve, which declines in moderate stages of roughly 4.5%, offers ample opportunities when marketers can use relevant messaging to motivate users and possibly prevent churn. A prime example is Day 3 when retention is 24% (and the second-highest rate in this dataset). Also, Day 7 retention hovers at a respectable 20%. At Day 30 retention declines to 13%, again the second-highest of all app categories (trailing games by a single percentage point).
  • Utilities and Dating apps get off to a strong start and share a similar retention curve from Day 3 through day 14. This suggests both app categories have staying power. At Day 30, however, the gap widens (Utilities: 12% and Dating: 9%). It’s a sign that Dating apps marketers might benefit from an approach that segments and targets users likely to lapse earlier in the cycle.
  • Retention for Entertainment apps lags behind the other app categories at every stage. Does this mean apps are failing to delight users? Or does it indicate that users are fickle? The data doesn’t say for sure. However, a comparison with data in the Liftoff 2018 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report reveals Day 30 retention for this category has grown 2x in just one year. It’s a sure signal that user appetite for Entertainment apps is healthy — and growing.

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