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  • Determine your best performing marketing channels

  • Protect your budget and data from ad fraud in real time

  • Track the entire user lifecycle, from install to reinstall

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Adjust is right for you if:

  • You are a mobile app marketer.

  • Paid advertising campaigns are part of your app marketing strategy.

  • You want to stop paying for fraudulent traffic.

  • You need an unbiased and trustworthy way to unify the tracking of your marketing campaigns and user behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company use Adjust?

Our unique tools help companies own their data, pinpoint their best users, optimize their marketing spend, all while helping them scale. Adjust’s best-in-class fraud prevention and commitment to transparency is unparallelled among mobile attribution providers.

Is Adjust GDPR and ePrivacy compliant?

Yes. Adjust adheres to strict European privacy laws and is both fully GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

What if I need help using Adjust?

We’re here to help. Our excellent support team spans 11 different offices, speaks 21 languages, and provides support in your timezone.

How hard is it to set up an integration with a new advertising partner?

You’ll be set up to work with over a thousand advertising partners in just a few clicks. Don’t see your preferred partner? We’ll help you bring them on board.

How long does it take to integrate the Adjust SDK?

We make integration as painless as possible and give you support along the way. Our integration and solution engineers work closely with your marketing and tech teams to ensure the smoothest possible on-boarding including on-site training and support.

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Adjust integrates with over 1,500 advertising partners

With Adjust, we can track and measure whatever we want in real time. It's a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install: we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.

Brian Han

Director of User Acquisition,
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