Four billion people own a smartphone. If it’s your job to reach them, you need to know which markets are more mobile-friendly and ready for the latest launch. Adjust has created the Mobile Growth Map, a report that provides unique insights into global app behavior. The Mobile Growth Map breaks down the data, giving marketers three crucial metrics: growth, retention, and paid vs. organic performance. The report also shines the spotlight on three countries: India, Indonesia and Singapore. Use the report to take your app — download it below.

What is the Retention Factor?

This report marks the debut of the Retention Factor, a new metric developed by Adjust. The Retention Factor equips marketers to gauge the success and failure of paid campaigns. In practice, the Retention Factors, which is calculated by dividing organic retention by paid retention, shows the outcome of the quality of your organics vs. the effectiveness of your paid activities.

What does the Retention Factor show?

  • Organic users retain better overall.

  • Paid users in Thailand, Indonesia, Poland and Belgium retain better than their organic counterparts.

  • Organic users in Vietnam, UAE and Egypt perform much better, with dramatically lower paid retention than elsewhere. Curiously, the three have wildly different share of paid, as you’ll see in the chart on page 14.

A simple way to boost engagement rests on your ability to use your data to find and target users who churn just before sweet spots in the customer journey. For a Gaming app, if you see that in-app purchases rise after completing level 7, then target users who lapse after level 6, and reap the benefits.

Download the full report here, today, and get the latest app stats to help put you ahead of the competition.

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