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Adjust confirmed as Germany's 2nd fastest-growing software company

This morning, leading German startup magazine Gründerszene unveiled the comprehensive list of Germany’s fastest-growing digital companies. With 1254 % CAGR over the last three years, Adjust is the second fastest-growing company in Germany.

We are of course happy to hear, but we also can’t claim to be entirely surprised. Our product and philosophy have resonated with over 1,700 clients worldwide, and our open-source SDK is integrated in over 12,000 apps - that together activate our SDK in over 1.3 billion instances worldwide.

Halfway through 2015, Adjust became profitable. We don’t intend on piling up profits, but we do intend to build a sustainable, independent business, and to focus on perfecting our mobile analytics. Raising capital, and obsessing over the metrics that allow you to, gels badly with the goals of building an excellent product.

Berlin itself is a scene under very rapid growth, in particular in mobile. There are some great partners locally, both in the adtech space and in the wider scene. That’s very cool to be part of.

Looking forward to 2016!

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