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Adjust launches Datascape: Our new advanced analytics solution for smarter, faster app growth

Finding answers and taking immediate action on your data has always been essential in the mobile marketing ecosystem. The success of any mobile app in today’s dynamic industry depends on the ability to make smart, fast, data-driven decisions. An ever-increasing number of data sources has made this process a lot more complex, making a unified visualization and reporting platform for mobile marketers more critical than ever.

That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that we’ve built Adjust Datascape. Datascape is an enterprise-ready advanced analytics solution that helps solve marketers’ needs by letting them easily view and analyze exactly what’s working and what isn’t across all apps, campaigns, channels, and platforms. Having this performance overview and granular level of insight, all in one place — completely unique to Adjust — is what empowers marketers and developers to fully optimize their strategies and focus on growth.

Datascape provides app marketers with time-saving data reporting, visualization, and analysis tools across all data sources, and on one screen. This means that marketers can have complete oversight of business-critical KPIs and performance metrics — something that’s become even more critical to data privacy-oriented app marketing strategies. Having all of the data from networks APIs, attributions, consented AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) installs, and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns in one place makes it easier and faster to extract meaningful insights. This means that marketers can make smart, strategic decisions in real-time, for all channels and sources.

Built for marketing decision-makers, Datascape enables them to intuitively customize dashboards and reports so they can easily visualize user growth and cohorts, summarize extensive data sets, and analyze SKAN data, including:

  • Performance marketing metrics at a glance, as well as a deeper view of more granular data when needed.
  • Directly compare cost data and attribution results without having to switch tabs — our user acquisition dashboard tells you how your most important revenue KPIs are performing by combining these two dimensions.
  • Compare and contrast filter to view results across all apps, regardless of iOS or Android operating system.
  • SKAdNetwork dashboard to learn which campaigns targeted to users acquired through Apple's SKAN framework are driving the most installs.
  • Side-by-side network, attribution, SKAdNetwork, and ATT data in different combinations, available in a single table.

Datascape’s expanded visualizations have been market-tested and show promising results for Adjust’s clients.

Datascape is your ultimate destination for data reporting, visualization, aggregation, and analysis. And we’re just getting started — there’s plenty more to come from Adjust over the course of 2022 and beyond. Jump in now to see exactly how Datascape is powered up to transmit all of your data points into one customizable interface so you can analyze results and make smarter decisions, hassle free and fast. Book a demo today!

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