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Pull back the curtain on mobile with the first-ever Mobile Benchmark report

We’ve pulled back the curtain on the app ecosystem: the first-ever quarterly Mobile Benchmark report is here to show you the lay of the land.

The adjust Data Science Team dove headfirst into the reams of anonymized data flowing through our servers to break down mobile engagement across all verticals and app categories. Now, for the first time, you can use data culled from the over 10,000 apps tracking data with adjust to get a comprehensive lay of the land.


We’ve crunched the numbers – so what did we find?

Using the KPI Service – our internal API – we exampined data from all iOS and Android apps with more than 1000 installs in August. Exactly what did we find?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key points:

  • Smartphone users are spending more time in games than in any other type of app
  • The majority of smartphone users will spend around five minutes actively inside an app
  • Apps in the Books and Magazines category have the highest number of retained users fter seven days

The full report breaks down and fully explains not just these findings by-the-number, but also trends running across all app categories for time spent, sessions-per-user, retention rates after seven days, and more. Now you can answer all those pesky questions you’ve never been able to do so before - for instance, what is the average time spent inside other Food & Drink apps?


Download the dataset and check out the full report

To read a detailed explanation of our methodology and a comprehensive breakdown of our findings, read the full report:

Click here to download the Mobile Benchmark for free. Want to see the full CSV file containing our raw data? That’s free, too.

Interested in more content like this?

This is just the first iteration of Mobile Benchmarks – we’re planning on expanding our data-focused post repertoire over the next few months.

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