Blog CAAF Roundup: Welcoming three new members

CAAF Roundup: Welcoming three new members

Today we’re welcoming three new partners to CAAF: Headway Digital,, and Zucks.

As fraudsters’ methods have become more complex and a threat to everyone’s bottom line, all CAAF members have collaborated on and agreed to uphold a specific set of standards. These guidelines cover everything from fraud prevention responsibilities, to the best methods for detecting fraud, and acceptable ways to prevent mobile fraud from happening.

CAAF members are attribution vendors, mobile ad networks, and other major stakeholders in the industry who have all come to the same conclusion: there’s no room for fraud in mobile marketing.

Together we believe that a clean, level playing field benefits everyone in our industry. CAAF members are committed to combating fraud at every level, tackling new fraud schemes head on as they emerge, and staying ahead of the game.

CAAF events have been held so far in San Francisco, Tokyo and Berlin; we look forward to expanding throughout the globe!

Here’s what the three newest members of CAAF had to say about becoming one of the leaders in our fight for transparency and an end to ad fraud.

Luis Barragué

I’m thrilled with Headway’s future in fraud protection and management. Since day one, quality and transparency has been a top priority for Headway. We invest heavily in internal technology development, aimed at analyzing more than 6.000 requests per second and detecting suspicious patterns. We feel proud being recognized by Adjust and look forward to taking an active role in CAAF. We know that fighting fraud is not an easy task, but we are 100% confident that our long-term commitment will help mobile advertisers and disincentivize fraudsters.

Ofir Pasternak

Ever since day one, has been data-driven and focused on technology - this approach allows us to not just detect fraud, but also prevent it. We're proud and humbled by the opportunity to join CAAF and for the opportunity to learn, as well as share insights we gathered from the different markets we operate in since you'll see different types of frauds in each one of them. Adjust's establishment of CAAF is a huge step in the right direction which benefits not only the advertisers, but also publishers. When the fraud rate decreases, ROAS increases, and in turn, prices do as well.

Masashi Nishizono

Zucks runs two ad-platforms, Zucks Ad Network and Zucks Affiliate. We have an in-house special ad-fraud counter team, and have been dealing with ad-fraud. We believe that becoming a member of Adjust’s CAAF member will strengthen our ad-fraud prevention countermeasure, and be able to provide services with higher transparency. We’d like to contribute to the development of mobile market economy through combating against ad-fraud with other CAAF members.

Last month, we kicked off our spotlight on CAAF series with Liftoff, when we spoke to Dennis Mink, VP of marketing, about how Liftoff has been fighting fraud since 2012.

Current CAAF members include Aarki, AdAction, AdColony, AppLift, Dynalyst, Fyber, i-mobile, InMobi, IronSource, Jampp, Liftoff, Nend, Remerge, Vungle, and YouAppi.

Keep checking back in with our CAAF spotlight for more updates on our newest members and upcoming initiatives!

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