Perks and benefits

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Further education

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Health benefits

Health packages

Many of our teams enjoy additional health packages to compensate for local healthcare —specifically in Germany, the U.S., China, Brazil and Japan.

Our Berlin team benefits from Occupational Health Insurance on top of their health insurance coverage, including generous allowances for vision, dental, remedies and non-medical practitioners. No chance of back pain or tired eyes!

Our teams in the US receive full coverage for personal individual benefits and 80% coverage for family members (spouse, children, etc.) monthly.

Our Beijing team benefits from an annual medical allowance and an additional high-end private plan from Generali (which also covers children).

Our team in Tokyo receives ITS coverage and is granted an extra allowance for checkups and additional tests of your choice.

In São Paulo, we offer a health insurance plan through AMIL that gives you access to better facilities than those provided via basic government healthcare. All employees (and their dependents) are eligible to join and all costs for the plan are covered by Adjust.

Looking to keep fit?

Our Berlin headquarters has its own on-site gym. All other global teams receive a monthly subsidy to offset their fitness bills from gyms, fitness classes and sports clubs.

Adjust invites you to participate in the company run, pays your ticket to test your fitness at Tough Mudder and offers you the chance of victory at company volleyball games. In Berlin, our Adjust-colored company bikes take you wherever you want to go.

Only the best equipment

We also provide you with the best equipment money can buy: our MacBooks are paired with large displays to keep your eyes happy, and each desk is height-adjustable.

You’re also welcome to hit the couch, beanbags, or visit the Berlin nap room every now and then.


Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are monitoring the situation carefully to make sure our employees are safe.

The moment we reopen the offices, Adjust will provide everything needed to be compliant to the legal hygienic standards and beyond: We not only offer face masks, disinfectant and other protection at the workplace, but also free tests for all employees.

For moms and dads

For parents based in our Berlin office, our childcare program offers flexible support when you need it most; from emergency childcare at kindergarten (24/7) or at home, advice when it comes to finding a kindergarten spot, to midwife or schooling, applying for Elternzeit, and filling out forms. In short, our fantastic third-party provider makes the entire process as smooth as possible.

Parents in our U.S. locations are entitled to 18 weeks of maternity leave and six weeks of paternity leave, while Adjust contributes to the state benefits.

Our moms and dads in Tokyo benefit from a private nanny allowance. This can be used when your little ones happen to be sick and cannot attend kindergarten, or if you need someone to take care of them due to business events.

Our parents in Beijing can sleep well knowing their kids receive full private health coverage.






Thirsty, low blood sugar, empty fridge?

Fear not! Different drinks, fruits, snacks, and breakfast are waiting for you in our kitchen. Looking for lunch? Our airy and open Berlin kitchen is the place to cook: teams make healthy lunches together on a daily basis.

Friday is brunch day for our team in Berlin — with caterers laying out a five-star-hotel worthy buffet (freshly made pancakes included). In our U.S. offices, colleagues are treated to weekly catered lunches.

In their first month at Adjust, newbies will be invited to Mystery Lunches, where they have the opportunity to meet colleagues from various teams.

Every now and then, Adjusters cook dinner for their coworkers representing their national cuisine.


We feel strongly about investing in the communities of our international locations, and are involved in a number of charitable causes — like supporting newly-arrived refugees in Berlin, and volunteering at food banks in San Francisco and Tokyo. We are also supporting different Open Source Software projects with regular funding. Learn more on our Tech Culture page.

Flexible working hours and remote working policy

Productive hours differ individually. That’s why you're welcome to show up in the office whenever you're ready for it.

Plumber coming to your flat, or cable guy arriving "between 9am and 6pm" and nobody else is there to let them in? Just stay at home and work remotely. We trust our employees and follow the rule: “Outcome matters!”

Office exchange and company retreats

One of the biggest perks of Adjust is the possibility to take an office exchange in one of our satellite offices, working side-by-side with international colleagues and enjoying life as a local in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Berlin or Tokyo.

Our annual company retreats are a highlight of Adjust life. They’re the best way to review and celebrate our work, and re-charge batteries for the coming year –cocktail in hand.

Check out the impressions from Dennis, our Backend Developer based in Berlin, on his exchange in San Francisco.

Our current situation

Please note: Most of our on-site perks are on hold at the moment due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the work from home measures in place. But, we are all looking forward to training, brunching, cooking, celebrating and working together again soon!