You can’t build great products without great people

Simon (Bobby) Dussart

Simon (Bobby) Dussart is CEO of Adjust, overseeing all operational management. Bobby joined Adjust as part of the company’s founding team in 2014. He has played an instrumental role in Adjust’s transition from being a standalone mobile measurement partner (MMP) to the platform that powers marketers’ decision-making.

Andrey Kazakov

Andrey is Adjust's Chairman and co-founder of, the data aggregation platform acquired by Adjust in 2018. Andrey is responsible for transforming Adjust into our customers' source of growth, bridging customer needs and commercial operations, and making data-driven decisions to inform sales and marketing strategy.

Katie Madding

As Chief Product Officer, Katie leads Adjust’s global product vision and development, driving a team of agile, creative, and strategic thinkers. Katie is responsible for Adjust's roadmap, pushing for features that meet at the intersection of the company's vision and our client's goals.

Egor Lukomsky

Egor is CTO of Adjust, running technology and engineering. Egor joined Adjust in 2018 as a part of a founding team at Egor brings a unique combination of customer-facing experience & tech leadership which helps us build products that help our clients grow.