You can’t build great products without great people

Paul H. Müller

Paul H. Müller co-founded Adjust in 2012. From the start, his vision has been to build the best possible solutions for mobile marketers worldwide - even if it breaks the status quo. As CEO, he is responsible for managing Adjust’s expansion into new territories and technologies, and maintaining our growth-focused culture.

Katie Madding

As Chief Product Officer, Katie leads Adjust’s global product vision and development, driving a team of agile, creative, and strategic thinkers. Katie is responsible for Adjust's roadmap, pushing for features that meet at the intersection of the company's vision and our client's goals.

Andrey Kazakov

Andrey is Adjust's Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of, the data aggregation platform acquired by Adjust in 2018. Andrey is responsible for transforming Adjust into our customers' source of growth, bridging customer needs and commercial operations, and making data-driven decisions to inform sales and marketing strategy.

Bill Kiriakis

An enterprise sales management veteran, Bill is responsible for scaling Adjust’s growth in new and existing regions. He oversees Adjust’s global go-to-market sales strategies, working closely with Marketing and Field Sales to help manage the lifecycle of our customers' journeys.

Simon Dussart

Simon is Adjust's Chief Customer Officer, leading a vast team of experts committed to improving customer experience and solving any problems our clients have. Championing our global efforts, Simon ensures that all of our clients receive the best possible support and that their feedback is consistently considered in ongoing product updates.