May 27, 2019

Ad Revenue with MoPub, a Twitter company

Last month, we announced User-level Ad Revenue tracking, opening up new possibilities for marketers to track in-app ad revenue. Now, we’re extending our coverage to include MoPub’s Impression-Level Revenue Data.

Marketers working with the monetization platform can now gain access to granular impression level data, providing a better understanding of how users engage with in-app advertising. Impression-Level Ad Revenue reporting with MoPub delivers one callback per impression, providing marketers with live revenue data.

Setting up Ad Revenue with MoPub is not quite the same process as described in our previous announcement. For everything you need to know about receiving Impression-Level Revenue data with MoPub, please read our complete documentation for the feature here.

Note that Ad Revenue is an additional feature available as a separate package. Please reach out to Adjust’s sales team for further options. For insights into the new feature and its uses, take a look at our blog announcement and our post announcing the extension to MoPub.