Mar 31, 2021

Adjust’s Ad Spend API Now Supports CPE

Adjust’s Ad Spend API delivers fully automated ad spend data for installs, clicks, and impressions within a 7-day window. Advertisers can analyze this data to get granular insight into the success of campaigns, ROI of their ad spend, and optimize their strategy.

The following Adjust partners currently work with our Ad Spend API: Apple Search Ads, AppLovin, Facebook, Google Ads, Snapchat.

CPE: Say hello to your new engagement-driven metric

With our latest update to the Ad Spend API, you can now receive cost-per-engagement (CPE) data. This pricing model prioritizes user engagement: an advertiser only pays the publisher once a user clicks an ad and performs an in-app activity.

CPE campaigns are increasingly popular as they guarantee the advertiser gets user retention in exchange for their ad spend. What’s more, the data you receive is highly accurate as networks can wait to send ad cost information after the event has happened.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user clicks on an ad with an Adjust tracker
  • They download and open the app
  • They perform an in-app event
  • Adjust sends an event callback to the ad network
  • The network confirms with Adjust’s Ad Spend API this is a CPE event, and sends the ad’s cost details
  • Adjust associates the CPE with the network

The different ad spend pricing models

There are a range of different models that are used throughout the industry to calculate ad pricing. These are the pricing models that Adjust supports:

CPI: Cost per Install

The advertiser pays the publisher every time a user clicks an advert and then goes on to install the app featured within that campaign.

CPE: Cost per Engagement

The advertiser pays the publisher when a user clicks on an advert and performs in-app activities, such as make a purchase. CPE is specific to in-app engagements.

CPC: Cost per Click

The advertiser pays the publisher every time a user clicks on an advert. There does not have to be any additional activity.

CPM: Cost per Mille (Cost per Impression)

The advertiser pays the publisher every time a thousand impressions are recorded on a single advert. No engagement with the ad is required for this model and it is typically associated with brand awareness campaigns.

CPA (cost-per-action) is a pricing model typically used to track mobile web campaigns, and is not supported by Adjust.

Ready to start tracking CPE with your next campaign? Visit our Help Center for more information about ad spend tracking, or contact with any questions.