Sep 10, 2018

Bidalgo and Adquant to receive callbacks from self-attributing networks

A new update allows some of our module partners to receive callbacks on campaigns set up with self-attributing networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Previously, when partners ran a campaign on one of these networks, they would have to manually trawl through various reports and dashboards to work out which campaign drove which install, and the ROI of each effort. Now, with the help of keyword callbacks, clients and partners will be able to see the correlation much faster and easier.

The keyword will be the name of the partner. Clients will need to include the keyword in the campaign name, e.g “[Partner name] Summer 2018”, in order for the partner to receive install and event callbacks for attributions to that specific campaign.

This feature will also allow partners to get user level data, including date and time of install and user purchases.

Which partners are involved?

We’ll be rolling this out first with partners Bidalgo and Adquant, and more are listed to join in future.

  • Bidalgo will now receive callbacks on campaigns running with Snapchat
  • Adquant will receive callbacks on campaigns running via Snapchat, Google and Facebook.

All partners involved will be known as ‘Campaign Management Partners’.

To read more about how this works, please look over our documentation here.