Mar 19, 2020

Say Hi to our Campaign API

Currently, the only way that our clients are able to create and update your trackers is by logging into the Adjust dashboard. For those of you who want quick visibility into your campaigns, this is a manual process. That’s why we’re introducing a simpler, automated, process to manage your trackers, with our Campaign API.

Our Campaign API lets you remotely access your trackers at every level (network, campaign, ad group, and creative) without the need to log into the Adjust dashboard. This greatly reduces the manual effort required to retrieve individual tracker links and gives you the ability to automatically generate new tracking links for a multitude of campaigns. Spend less time creating and updating trackers with this simple, automated, process.

For more detailed info about our Campaign API, please be sure to check out the full set-up details in our Help Center, or contact

Note: To access this functionality, you will need to have our Business Pro package or higher.