Mar 20, 2015

Complex retargeting data made easy: How we integrated Criteo

So you want to run a retargeting campaign. You want to be clever about it - with nailed down segments, snappy creatives, and sophisticated rulesets. How do you configure this data-heavy beast to consume your tracking data, to learn about your users and talk to them with just the right words?

We work with clients every day on this particular challenge, and the Criteo integration allowed us to flex our muscles in particular.

As you may have heard, Criteo announced on February 27th that tracking provider Ad-X will be shut down this year, in favour of working more closely with two In-App Measurement Partners - one of these being adjust.

Retargeting and re-engagement provide some of the most exciting use cases for our tracking tech, and we have worked closely with Criteo to set up facilities for clients to transmit data as effectively as possible.

“The partners we decided to work with for our Criteo App Measurement Partner Programme are the leading mobile tracking providers in the industry, and adjust has all the functionality that we needed to set up a really tight integration”, says David Philippson, Managing Director of Mobile Solutions at Criteo. “The Criteo App Measurement Partner Programme will provide our clients with an easy way to collect and utilize the data required to power the Criteo Engine.”

Feed data into Criteo with the adjust Partner Parameters

Meanwhile, with SDK 4.0, we constructed a feature called Partner Parameters - a set of parameters that you can add to any event you track, which will transmit additional data to your integrated partners. It’s a key part of funnelling the right data to your partners, and keeping your solution as integrated and wholesome as possible.

When we started talking to Criteo, it became clear their systems had unique potential to consume additional data - right along the lines of what we had just released in SDK 4.0.

The technical side

Here’s how it works: You track a number of events with the adjust open source SDK. When you want to add the additional Criteo partner parameters, such as ViewProduct, you can simply inject this into the event object:

ADJEvent *event = [ADJEvent eventWithEventToken:@"{viewProductEventToken}"]; [ADJCriteo injectViewProductIntoEvent:event productId:@"productId1" customerId:@"customerId1"]; [Adjust trackEvent:event];

Very clear, very straightforward. The Criteo SDK plugin does all the lifting for you - even if it’s not much.

Criteo picks up this additional data, consumes it, and builds out your marketing profiles on that basis.

What if you want to try Criteo first? You don’t even need to change your SDK - with the server-to-server module, you can activate a simple integration with a click in your dashboard. If you’d like, feel free to ping our teams and we’re happy to put you in touch with Criteo directly.