Jul 28, 2016

More callback placeholders for detailed geo data

Real-time callbacks to your network partners or to your BI server can now contain detailed geographic data. First one to retarget users with billboard advertising wins a secret prize!

{country_subdivision} and {postal_code} can now be added as placeholders in your callbacks. When you set your callbacks up in the dashboard, you can drop in these placeholders. adjust’s servers will fetch and place the real values when pinging the callback - such as syncing tracked purchases, sessions, levels beat, or any other in-app event.

The subdivision parameter denotes things like states, provinces, territories - all of the specific subdivisions in ISO 3166-2. (As usual, our formats follow ISO. This is true, for example, for all of the dates in our dashboards and reports.)

Postal code is, well, postal codes, giving you even more granularity. Note that more granularity sometimes comes at the expense of accuracy, and this is especially true for IP-geo databases - so some geos will not resolve.

Callbacks are simple HTTP pings that you can set up to get a real-time feed of all the activities happening within your adjust tracking. You can check out the full docs here.