Jun 16, 2016

Focus on the numbers you need: Save filtered views as custom dashboards

Select the columns & KPIs you need at a glance

We’ve been working hard to improve the usability of our interface and to offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to tracking and reporting. Our latest release allows you to store your filtered views as custom dashboards. This can greatly speed up your workflows, saving you time to concentrate on what matters. Here’s a concise overview of how this works.

The recently-added column selection allows you to toggle individual columns within the Deliverables and Fraud Prevention tabs. Simply toggle the columns you want in the filter sidebar, hit apply and you’re good to go.

Once you have the KPIs you need, save this filtered view as a custom dashboard by clicking the star icon. Give your custom dashboard a name and access it at anytime in just one click. Simple.

Use case: different people, different reports

Reporting can be time consuming. If you need to report on different KPIs to different people, just store the KPIs you need as custom dashboards and access them at any time in just one click. The best part? The CSV download button downloads just the data you’re looking at, making it very easy to pull specific datasets into Excel on the regular.

Store cohorts as custom views

The same applies to the Cohort Tab. Simply filter the cohorts you need by segmentation, cohort period, base and KPI and save this filtered view. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes detailed cohort analysis and granular drill-downs.

Custom views even stores whatever tracker drill-down you’ve done, meaning you can save entire channels as a quick-to-access dashboard of their own.

Filter, click, save: try it yourself

Speed up your testing and reporting workflows by saving filters as custom dashboards. Try this new functionality yourself.

If you have any questions or feedback about this new functionality, please get in touch!