Jul 07, 2020

Get Ready for Adjust Automate

We couldn’t be more excited to announce Adjust’s latest product: Automate.

Adjust Automate let’s you easily generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports. This centralizes your data from different ad campaigns, countries, and networks, all into one dashboard so you can quickly analyze the KPIs you care about most.

With all that data at your fingertips, instantly make changes to bids and budgets to optimize your campaigns from the same dashboard. For even greater efficiency, leverage the full power of automation by setting rules that automatically change the attributes, which don’t meet your benchmarks.

Stop spending time on repetitive tasks and instead focus on strategic campaign management.

A multi-solution product

Automate consists of three sophisticated solutions tailored to marketers and UA managers’ needs. It’s designed to bring the full power of tactical reporting and automation directly to your dashboard.

Report Automation

Automate shows aggregate data from all of your Adjust-tracked apps and networks. With Report Automation, you can set conditions and filters to a highly granular level to quickly cut through all of that data, and only see what matters. Dimensions are updated automatically, so you can instantly find the campaigns that meet your specific benchmarks and KPIs without having to search. Then, save the view for easy reuse with other campaigns by using a single click.

Control Center

Leverage Automate’s powerful SAN reporting functionality to view and make changes to your bids and budgets for Facebook, Google Ads (UAC), Snapchat, Twitter, and Apple Search Ads all in Control Center. You can monitor campaign performance in an entirely customizable way. Optimize your campaign performance and spending in just a few clicks, without ever leaving your dashboard.

Rule Engine

Using Rule Engine, you can bring the full power of automation to your campaigns. Say goodbye to manually working through spreadsheets, and instead, simply create rules based on the metrics of your choice. Then, let Rule Engine run the calculations and set changes. All you now need to do is review and accept. Not only does this save hours from your daily routine, but it also eliminates the risk of human error.

Try it out

Want to see how much time Adjust Automate can save you? Reach out to sales@adjust.com to set up a trial, or head over to our Help Center for more information to get started.