Feb 14, 2019

Introducing Adjust Multi-Touch

We’re pleased to announce the release of Adjust Multi-Touch, a new multi-touch solution that provides granular visibility over the full customer journey.

Gaining insight into what happens before the final engagement is essential to understanding how your funnel works. However, until now, marketers have not been able to accurately observe every touchpoint from the first engagement to conversion.

Adjust Multi-Touch allows you to observe the user journey in greater depth, adding further insights to network and campaign performance in real time. Multi-Touch works by sending all tracked clicks, impressions and installs of the user’s journey to your BI system or S3 bucket. This offers a full view of the customer’s path to conversion.

The benefits of Adjust Multi-Touch

Adjust Multi-Touch allows you to:

  • See how users interact with your advertising and identify where value is generated throughout the entire customer journey
  • Measure which campaigns bring the most uplift
  • Gain full visibility into marketing tactics, from the top to the bottom of the funnel
  • Observe trends and spot correlations between networks that are proven to drive conversions
  • Receive raw, unfiltered, unopinionated data

Adjust Multi-Touch is the only solution without limitations on the number of touchpoints reported. This means every click or impression that contributes to an install, session, event or reattribution is reported, even if it occurs outside of your attribution window. You’ll also receive touches claimed by self-attributing networks (such as social networks).

What Adjust Multi-Touch will send you:

Adjust Multi-Touch gives you all the necessary data by leveraging our well-developed callback structure. This allows us to send raw data of every touch (click or impression) along the user journey straight to your BI or S3 bucket.

In order for Adjust Multi-Touch reporting to be most efficient, you need to receive raw data for every click and impression. Adjust can already send clients this type of data from standard and module partners, while our new feature allows us to provide this raw data from self-attributing networks (SAN). This is because Adjust now offers a new activity type, san_click and san_impression.

After receiving data to your end point, leveraging Adjust’s provided identifiers allows you to recognize users and correlate every click and impression belonging to them. With access to everything you need for granular visibility, your BI system can then ingest and analyze that data.

Getting set up with Adjust Multi-Touch

Multi-Touch reporting is available to all clients who accept callbacks to their BI system or CSV uploads to their S3 bucket.

We offer Multi-Touch as an additional solution to our main product, with its own unique pricing. To learn more about the product and receive notification upon general release, please contact your Sales rep or Account Manager for more details.

You can also take a look at our technical documentation here.