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Master conversion values with the Conversion Value Manager

Jan 10, 2022

Adjust's Conversion Value Manager is your one-stop-shop for demystifying SKAdNetwork information. Our teams have worked hard to provide the tools you need to create conversion value configurations for your campaigns. The Conversion Value Manager provides different models that you can use to tailor how you measure your apps' performance.

Check out our conversion value models to see how each one can help you get the most out of SKAdNetwork!

Conversion events

The Conversion events model enables you to track up to six of your in-app events using conversion values. You can use this model to get insight into what your users are doing in your app after install, keeping tabs on the events that matter most to your campaign.


Revenue model

Revenue is an important part of any app, and so is making sure you know all about it. The Revenue model enables you to focus on the revenue producing capabilities of your app. You can filter down by revenue type and source to ensure you're only recording what is important to your campaign.


Advanced setup

As the name implies, the Advanced setup model gives you much more granular control over how your conversion values are set up. This model gives you the ability to map in-app events, ad revenue, purchase revenue, and total revenue across all 63 conversion values. Use a combination of measurements to ensure you have visibility over exactly how your users are interacting with your app.


And this is just the beginning! We will continue to add new features to the Conversion Value Manager to make sure you can tackle future challenges head on. To get started with the Conversion Value Manager, check out our guide on mapping conversion values. If you have any questions, reach out to