Oct 06, 2016

Export a pull API for your raw data into S3 with Adjust's native connector

Today, we’re launching a connector between Adjust and Amazon S3 storage. This is designed so that you can get a running storage of your raw data callbacks right into an S3 bucket, for further analysis.

With this connector, you get a pull API for your raw data out of the box – without infringing on your users’ privacy or the security of your data.

When configured, adjust will automatically send raw data into your Amazon S3 bucket – resulting in a CSV file you can freely format with any data available. The export is available with the same extensive options as our callbacks. This means that you can sync all impressions, clicks, installs, or any in-app event to Amazon S3, with any of the data available in our placeholders.

Raw data continues to be available through our callbacks (which power the S3 integration), if you want to sync data over to your own servers. As always, callbacks are also available to our partners.

Check out the docs here.

The important thing about raw data is that you need to be absolutely in control. The user has given that data to you, and expects you to safeguard it. Similarly, you rightly expect that any data you forward to your provider stays with that provider. This approach allows us to provide you with more flexibility with your data, while still staying in line with reasonable expectations of security and privacy.