Dec 19, 2016

Track third-party app stores with the Store and Pre-Install Tracker Tool

Precision Tracking

You’re not always just working with the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Sometimes you’re launching your app on the Amazon App Store, distributing it as a direct download on your site, or working with an OEM or telecoms partner to preload the app right on the device!

But how do you know that the installs you get from a preload campaigns really pay off? And how can you understand the difference in audiences that come from different app stores? Unlike a typical user acquisition campaign, you won’t have tracking URLs to tag the users – because there’s no click.

With the new Store and Pre-Install Tracker Tool, you can generate targeted tracking versions of your app for each of these stores or preinstall campaigns. When you upload these builds - that are otherwise identical, except for the tracking code - adjust will recognise users coming from different App Stores.

This lets you see how many users each App Store delivers to your app, how engaged they are compared to each other, how well they retain, how often they convert to paying users, and all of the other analysis you’re already getting from adjust.

The Store and Pre-Install Tracker Tool is a command-line tool that your developers will use as the last step of your build process. When you’re ready to submit your app to a store or a preinstall partner, you can create a new tracking URL (or use an older one), and your developers can use this to generate a targeted build of the app. This targeted build can then be submitted to the store or your preload partner. Read the full docs here.

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