Mar 11, 2021

Track your TikTok ad spend in Adjust, starting now

In 2020, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app and has an estimated 1 billion monthly users. This rapid growth and large user base makes it an attractive platform for app marketers. UA managers can drive successful campaigns using the various supported in-app ad formats, from biddable video ads to hashtag challenges.

To support your TikTok marketing efforts and ensure you can accurately track the ROI of your campaigns, Adjust now supports TikTok ad spend tracking. This lets you calculate your ROI and use these insights to optimize on your KPIs as well as your most valuable users.

Set up ad spend for TikTok in Adjust

TikTok ad spend is available for accounts with ad spend tracking enabled on a Business Pro plan. If you want to hear more about plan features, reach out to

Ready to get started?

If you already track with TikTok, you’ll need to first update your trackers. This is because the campaign structure has changed, and you cannot use pre-existing tracker setups to access ad spend data. The easiest way to update your tracker structure is to unlink and relink your existing network-level tracker. The next step is to start new campaigns using the updated links. This is a requirement, as unfortunately TikTok cannot support updating links in existing campaigns.

If you are new to tracking with TikTok, create a network-level tracker and connect your TikTok For Business account to Adjust. Now you’re all set!

You can view aggregated data in your Dashboard for an instant overview, or get user-level data for in-depth analysis via CSV uploads.

For more information on the complete setup, read our Help Center article.