Feb 19, 2019

Web SDK and cross-device tracking: Measurement beyond the app

We’re happy to announce enhanced support for cross-device tracking features, strengthening our offering of measurement beyond the app.

Adjust’s Web SDK has been available for some time, but in combination with Adjust’s mobile SDK, cross-device tracking has been made possible and enables our clients to fill in the gaps with their overall marketing efforts.

Adjust’s Web SDK

Adjust’s Web SDK allows clients to track installs, sessions, and events that occur in web apps, or on a web page, enabling marketers to track a campaign from the first ad view to a landing page, and then to events - whether they occur on desktop or the mobile web.

This feature is highly useful for tying activity that occurs in different views together. It’s also helpful for companies whose apps are in use on both the web and mobile.

The data from Adjust’s Web SDK is reported in the dashboard or callbacks to your S3 Bucket or BI system.

To learn more, or to download the Web SDK, go to our Github repository. Setup requires some assistance, so please reach out to us if you’d like to give this feature a try.

Moving towards to cross-device tracking

Now, in combination with Adjust’s mobile SDK, our clients have the ability to implement cross-device tracking via their own BI system.

Cross-device tracking works by matching activity across different devices to the same user who performs them by using shared identifiers, such as sign-in data, that are in use on each user’s device.

This feature is essential if you want to maintain consistent measurement of user activity for those who like to login on desktop, then pick up an app later. For instance, running apps like Strava often have users that check running routes on their website while browsing on a laptop. Yet they’d naturally use their smartphone while tracking their runs. Without connecting the two, it would appear as though these users are different people on different devices. Cross-device tracking eliminates this issue, pulling activity from two places under one user identifier.

To get started, clients need to set up their website as an app on Adjust’s dashboard and implement callback parameters to pass us the user ID. Clients will receive this information, which can then be linked with the callback data from the mobile app. For more detailed information, please speak to our support team.


Our Web SDK is available to all Adjust clients. If you currently leverage callbacks to a BI system (or S3 bucket) then you’re equipped to begin cross-device tracking.

Both require some integration work, which we’ll be happy to assist with. Please reach out to our Support team who’ll be able to answer any questions you have.