Dec 18, 2018

Your most-used Adjust SDK is now displayed in your dashboard

We talk about the need to update your SDK very often - mainly to do with keeping your security up to date.

Yet many marketers don’t know which SDK version is installed on the majority of their user’s phones, which means that often they weren’t sure which Adjust features were available to them - that is, until now.

Just released, we’ve created a new display which shows the most active version of your SDK (per day) in the dashboard. Navigate to ‘App Settings’, and you’ll see it just below the app token.


  • This update is available to everyone.
  • For multiplatform apps, all SDK versions are displayed, which might reveal a difference between them.

Want to update your SDK and take advantage of our latest features? Click here to be taken to our Github repo to find the latest versions, and click here to revise our documentation - just in case you’ve gotten a little rusty with the integration process.