Centralize your attribution and analytics data

​Experience your data in stunning detail

Adjust designed the dashboard with data visualization in mind. Your graphs, statistics and additional data use maximum amounts of screen space to encourage clear and highly visual statistical insight, while a variety of easily modifiable app management and partner setup options are organized for intuitive use.

Unlimited reporting for detailed analysis

Your dashboard powers your data investigations: it supports analysis on both a macro and micro level. Carry out general performance overviews and pattern analyses, and then drill down deep into your reports to uncover intricate usage patterns.

The dashboard reporting system is fully customizable and allows you to complete unlimited information requests and unlimited data lookback – you will always be able to access your stored data from any time, at any time.

Customize your attribution settings at the tracker level

Run multiple marketing campaigns at once, with a varied range of parameters. We don’t limit what you want to accomplish, but instead give you complete control over your campaign logic, allowing you to work in all kinds of new ways.

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