Maximize your OTT and CTV app adoption with Adjust

Adjust supports all major Connected TV platforms including Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku

Grow your OTT and CTV apps:

  • Accurately calculate ROI / ROAS of campaigns

  • Increase customer loyalty and test new ways to boost LTV

  • Combine with Subscription Attribution for full lifecycle insights

  • Be first in the market to measure the impact of your CTV app marketing

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Households are cutting their cords and shifting to CTV

TV remains the gold standard for long-term viewing, beating out mobile. With consumers increasing their time spent streaming on CTV, now is the time to reach more users in more creative ways - and with Adjust you can measure the impact of your marketing.

Increase ROI as you navigate the world of OTT

Extend your performance measurement capabilities to CTV apps. Start making data-powered decisions when it comes to maximizing your ROI and retention of your apps in this new space of connected devices.

Monitor user engagement and prevent churn

Never miss a user or a chance to engage with them. Gain a deeper understanding of the kinds of users who are interacting with your CTV app so you can spot patterns and conversion trends.

Focus on loyalty and know which messages stick

Build personalized, engaging campaigns fueled with insights from the performance of your marketing. With our robust attribution and in-app event tracking, you’ll see how the entirety of your CTV app - campaigns and all - is performing.

Get ahead of your competition with CTV App Measurement & Subscription Attribution

Combine Adjust’s CTV App Measurement with Subscription Attribution to capture all the details about what your users are up to in your CTV app, why they churn and what makes them re-engage.

Grow your OTT and CTV apps

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