Real-time app analytics to measure and drive performance

Fully customizable event tracking

Event tracking is the backbone of your app analytics setup. With an unlimited number of events, Adjust allows you to fully tailor events to your app's specific conversion goals; whether you're aiming for signups, purchases, level-ups and more. Powerful filters and diverse parameters allow you to dive deep into your unique KPIs and understand user cohort behavior.

Cohorts are the heart of app analytics

Cohort analysis allows you to quickly and clearly identify trends and changes in the way users engage with your app. The KPIs we offer on our cohort analysis are central to understanding your app’s performance in terms of user retention, revenue, event conversion, and other key aspects of the health of your products. Going deeper, we calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of your users that belong to cohorts automatically, showing when you start profiting on paid campaigns.

The most granular cost and ad revenue reporting in the industry

Automate your ad spend and ad revenue calculations and analyze the data at the user level. Receive accurate cost data of your campaigns in one unified place. Measure how many users account for your ad revenue, which networks bring in the most valuable users, and break down ad revenue to any segmentation level. Take these insights and translate them into increased revenue through further optimizations.

Gain the tools you need to analyze your data

Aggregated data in Adjust dashboard

Sync raw data to your BI

Receive CSV exports to S3 or Google Cloud

Guaranteed data security & privacy-first values

At Adjust, we believe that all app users have a right to privacy, and a right to have their personal data protected. As such, we do our utmost to keep our user data secure.

We're the only attribution service headquartered in the EU. Germany has the strictest data security attitude, and this goes hand-in-hand with our own privacy-first values. Rather than trusting our data to cloud services, we depend on our own — meaning we have total control over our client's user data. We are fully compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy certified.

More actionable insights from various reports

Uninstall and reinstall reporting

LTV reporting

Measure the impact of TV on mobile

Case Study: here's how ABA English did it

You'll learn how ABA English:

  • Tracked all in-app events and synced all data back to their own BI platform to tie together the entire user journey

  • Worked with partner modules to retarget the right user base in real-time

  • Used Adjust dashboard to analyse campaign performance and optimized to increase their week on week RPU by 215% and acquisition by 143%

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