Discover user behavior in real time

Comprehensive in-app analytics

Adjust gives you the tools you need for end-to-end app analysis. Discover what your users do in your app not just on a macro level, but in microscopic detail: thoroughly identify, dissect and leverage data trends, from a user's initial download to their first purchase and beyond.

Fully customizable event tracking

Event tracking is the backbone of your app analytics setup. With Adjust, you can fully tailor your events to your app's specific conversion goals, whether you're aiming for signups, purchases, level-ups or more. Adjust aggregates this data in real-time and crunches KPIs for every defined event, giving you valuable insight to user behavior with only a few clicks.

Mobile-focused KPIs & cohort analysis

Adjust tracks events over the span of a user's lifetime, aggregating all of their engagement data right within your dashboard. Once collected, Adjust assists you in parsing your user data via robust KPIs.

You can enhance your KPI insight with Adjust's cohort analysis: segment your users by creative, install date, location, device type and more, and then discover and identify their behavioral patterns. Adjust analyzes each cohort member's performance at the same time in a user's lifespan, showing you exactly how and when the needle moves.

Unlimited data exports and reporting

Adjust lets you export your analytics data partially or in full, at your request, giving you the power to calculate custom KPIs or produce your own reporting drilled down to each creative, cohort, or country. With real-time server-to-server callbacks, the circle is completed and your data is filed right back into your own systems.

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  • Tracked all in-app events and synced all data back to their own BI platform to tie together the entire user journey

  • Worked with partner modules to retarget the right user base in real-time

  • Used Adjust dashboard to analyse campaign performance and optimized to increase their week on week RPU by 215% and acquisition by 143%

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