Mobile app attribution

Track every acquisition

You'll always know exactly which ads delivered which users, right down to the campaign creatives users see. Users are attributed a campaign as soon as they click on an Adjust tracker URL. With full device detection, smart fallbacks, and mobile-native store links, these short and easy-to-read URLs track any and all locations.

Know the source of every user

Measure Campaigns

Track Every Channel

Seamless Experiences

Hourly Data

Work with any partner

Adjust manages and supports networks so that you don't have to. Forget partner-specific URLs and bulky network SDKs – Adjust is the first mobile app attribution solution with a fully dynamic and robust partner setup.

Add and configure your campaigns right in your dashboard, and start tracking results across multiple networks immediately. We're already working with over 1500 partners, including Facebook and Twitter, and are adding new ones every day.

Fast and easy integration

Speed and functionality are two keys to a successful app. That's why Adjust designed the industry's only truly robust-yet-lightweight multichannel attribution solution: the Adjust open-source SDK. The Adjust SDK gives you the power to attribute conversions from any source – all without bogging down or interfering with your app's performance.

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