Centralize and scale your campaign optimization

Quickly update your bid or campaign budgets for top-performing ads running on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple Search with Control Center. Use Report Automation to drill into your highest performing KPIs and then automatically optimize these campaigns with Rule Engine.

Campaign optimization in a fraction of the time

Effortlessly find campaigns that meet your performance goals. Create rules to enforce automatic bid and budget changes depending on whether the campaign reaches your benchmark. Spend less time chasing KPIs, and more time on creative strategy.

Automate your campaigns with Adjust Automate

Marketers specializing in user acquisition can spend more than half their day optimizing campaigns. Adjust Automate simplifies campaign optimization and reporting so you can do more and click less.

Control Center

Report Automation

Rule Engine

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We’re taking away the complexity

Adjust Automate was built to give you a simpler and smarter way to manage your campaigns and run user acquisition.

Manage bids and budgets

Unify cost and performance

Optimize and scale quicker

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Learn more about Adjust’s Attribution, Audience Builder, Analytics, Fraud Prevention Suite, Subscription Tracking and Marketing Automation products to find out how Adjust can help you take full control of your mobile growth.

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