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Marketing is about creativity

Understanding who your best users are, where they come from, and how to address them requires time and creativity. If you’re running campaigns across several marketing channels, you’ll end up spending more time pulling reports and merging data than you do coming up with new and exciting marketing strategies.

Make actionable decisions with your marketing data

Adjust’s Control Center lets you cut down the repetitive tasks of switching between several interfaces by centralizing all your marketing campaigns in a single place. Compare campaign bids and budgets across all your channels and make changes directly from your Adjust Dashboard.

Automate your campaigns with Control Center

Most marketers spend more than half their day optimizing campaigns. With Adjust’s Control Center, now there’s a simpler way so you can do more and click less.

Pivot Table

Actionable Analytics

Multi-App Reporting

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We’re taking away the complexity

Adjust’s Control Center was built to give you a simpler and smarter way to manage your campaigns. With all your necessary campaign data in a single view, including ad spend and revenue data for each channel, you can make actionable decisions directly from the Adjust Dashboard and fully automate the optimization process.

Manage bids and budgets

Aggregated ROI data

Customized cross-app reporting

Take control of your mobile marketing

Learn more about Adjust’s Attribution, Audience Builder, Analytics, Fraud Prevention Suite, and Marketing Automation products to find out how Adjust can help you take full control of your mobile growth.

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Find out how Control Center can help you save time

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