Case Study: Istegelsin

About Istegelsin

Founded in 2018, Istegelsin is a Turkish-based online supermarket - the first of its kind in the hotly developing digital-first market. Aiming to offer a ‘next-generation’ shopping experience to its consumers, Istegelsin focuses on two key approaches to define their unique selling proposition (USP) and to reach their target market.

Focusing on the notion that the supermarket experience is no longer ideal for consumers in 2020, they aim to bring supermarket items to users with ultimate convenience in mind. Their main business objective is to reach as many users as possible while maximizing user acquisition and retention in a very competitive field.

The Challenge

Accurate attribution

Istegelsin commissioned Unboxed, a full-stack marketing agency who specialize in large scale performance marketing across various ad platforms. They were required to use a large number of measurement and attribution models to compare and analyze data sets. Each system also required the time-consuming implementation of individual SDKs. A lot of time had also been chewed up sifting through data, switching between dashboards and scrambling to achieve accuracy and detect attribution duplication - or instances where multiple platforms were claiming attribution for an install.

The marketing team needed a solution that would allow them to take precise actions on campaigns and to make decisions in real-time. While having visibility across various platforms was still an important goal
in their day-to-day operations, they also wanted to have the ability to seamlessly check performance and compare campaigns in one place. This would empower them to optimize & allocate budgets accordingly and to understand which platforms are truly driving their most valuable users.

Istegelsin measure success based on various KPIs including, first time buyers, lifetime value (LTV), return of investment (ROI) across a large number of segments, cost per acquisition (CPA) and individual conversion rates (CVR). A dashboard that would provide them with visibility on all of these metrics across platforms was exactly what the marketing team was looking for. They wanted to save time analyzing these data points so that they could direct their efforts to creatives and better- informed strategy development.

"We are managing a lot of campaigns across a large range of platforms - this means a lot of data. What we really needed was a single dashboard that would provide full visibility on performance and KPI measurement."

Ipek Regay

Chief Marketing Officer, Istegelsin

The Solution

Fully automated attribution

There were four main factors that drove Istegelsin’s decision to work with Adjust: the straightforward SDK integration and attribution model, receiving around-the- clock technical support from an Adjust account manager, Audience Builder, and fraud prevention - so while it was a rounded decision, attribution, optimization and audience building were the key driving factors.

The attribution model allows them to manage campaigns from a single dashboard, meaning they no longer need to toggle between platforms and analyze copious amounts of data to determine which campaigns are performing and where budgets should be allocated. They no longer depend on varying results from ad dashboards and could evaluate results without any ‘estimate’ factors being taken into account.

"Moving to one unique attribution model has not only saved a lot of time, freeing up our marketing team and allowing them to work more on creative and strategy-based projects, but it has also been instrumental in helping us to quickly identify and prevent duplicate results."

Sotos Sarmpezoudis

Founder & Managing Partner, Unboxed Agency

The Result

Visibility over campaign metrics

Thanks to Adjust, Istegelsin and Unboxed are now able to better understand where quality conversions come from, which campaigns drive the most users and which ones have the highest LTV. They can analyze aggregated data in real-time and better understand custom metrics, LTV and ROI and optimize install and retention campaigns according to their business objectives. They’re also now able to accurately analyze each campaign’s performance thanks to mobile attribution, which ties each user to the ad they interacted with.

Adjust provides the necessary visibility with real time results, allowing for a granular budget allocation across the best performing channels, campaigns, networks or creatives. Istegelsin is now able to:

  • Determine that conversion numbers for key performance ads on platforms including Facebook and Google, were showing attribution duplicates of up to nearly 50%
  • Leverage the power of Raw Data Export to create best-in-class attribution models from analyzing over 200M monthly events and behavioural data points
  • With the advanced Fraud Prevention Suite, ROAS has improved by over 35% and the teams can take decisions on pausing questionable sources within hours after launching any campaign

"Without Adjust, we would face a lot of SDK processes that would result in a lot of extra time and effort for mobile app integration and we’d have a lot of results that we wouldn’t be sure where to attribute - with a lot of duplicates."

Yigit Mert Atalay

Head of Performance, Istegelsin