Tying desktop to mobile to increase conversion to paying by 43%

By syncing comprehensive in-app and campaign data to their own business intelligence system, ABA English have created in-depth user behaviour models which have enabled them to see exponential growth. In three short years they’ve acquired over 12 million users, with the majority of them using their apps.

You'll learn how ABA English:

  1. Tracked all in-app events and synced all data back to their own BI platform to tie together the entire user journey
  2. Worked with partner modules to retarget the right user base in real-time
  3. Used Adjust dashboard to analyse campaign performance and optimized to increase their week on week RPU by 215% and acquisition by 143%

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Facebook is one of the most important communication channels for us, and Adjust’s deep integration made our work fast and easy. We were able to unlock and reach new targeting groups and increase our growth tremendously.

Adam Jaffe, CMO, ABA English
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American & British Academy is an online school specialized in teaching English with a unique methodology based on the principles of a natural approach to language learning. The ABA method transfers to the digital space an intuitive and natural method where language is learned by using short films and other audiovisual materials developed specifically for learning English, improving the student’s experience and success rate. Students can learn the English language wherever they are. The company revolves around different target groups, from students to businesses, and helps them to either learn or to improve their English language skills.

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