Case Study: albo

About albo

Launched in 2016, albo has become the leading challenger bank in Mexico, bringing the convenience of mobile banking to its growing customer base. They offer users a mobile banking app, a banking account, and both a physical Mastercard card and virtual card for free, allowing them to easily spend, save, and transfer money without fees.

Challenger banks around the world have been tuning in to the demands of mobile-first generations and disrupting traditional banking institutions over the past decade. Having secured a total of $26 million from their Series A financing in 2019, albo has stood out among other Mexican startups.

With their HQ in Mexico City, the opportunity for albo to expand upon its brand in the Mexican mobile market is ripe — a pool of 59 million mobile users to be exact.

The Challenge

Suspicious Traffic

Looking to invest further into their marketing funnel, albo decided to switch from their previous attribution provider to Adjust. They had limited access to developer resources for marketing, so they were looking for an attribution provider with an easy onboarding process and a dedicated support team to help them drive real value from their solution. Thanks to a streamlined and reactive approach, albo was able to quickly start working with Adjust data and avoided any manual processes when it came to transitioning from one attribution provider to another.

As the albo marketing team began to dig into the aggregated data presented in their Adjust dashboard, they noticed that some of their networks were providing low quality or suspicious traffic.

“We decided to switch to Adjust in large part because of the stellar support they offer. Since onboarding them, we have not only benefited from their technology but from the added mobile marketing expertise their support team is able to offer our UA teams.”

Constanza Alvarado Bernard,

User Acquisition Manager, Albo

The Solution

Identifying the Right Networks

As part of their package with Adjust, albo was working with the Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) in conjunction with the Adjust Fraud Team to analyze the performance of several networks. They, as everyone in the mobile game, were looking for high-quality users at an optimal cost.

Unfortunately, a few of their networks revealed fraudulent behavior. As Adjust’s approach to addressing fraud is around prevention rather than simply detection, FPS began to reject the fraudulent traffic coming from these networks without albo’s team being required to do any manual work.

Armed with this information, albo was able to shift their budgets and funnel their investment towards the networks that brought them real, high-quality users. This meant that by setting the standard to eliminate fraud, they could improve their conversion rate as they were spending less of their time and budgets on irrelevant and fake users. This also had an immediate and positive impact on reducing their costs per acquisition.

“Thanks to Adjust we were able to identify the skewed data and negative correlations we were seeing with specific networks and campaign settings. We quickly pivoted our strategy and saw better results within a short amount of time.”

Constanza Alvarado Bernard

User Acquisition Manager, Albo

The Results

Scaling more Efficiently

Thanks to having full visibility into the performance of their marketing campaigns and the confidence of knowing that fraud was being taken care of, albo was able to increase their UA efforts, keep costs down, and see results right away.

• Increased conversion rate by 600% by focusing on key event metrics
• Decreased CPA by 16%
• Reduced empty installs by 70% in three months after identifying and cutting out fraud and low quality traffic - freeing up more resources to obtain high LTV users