Case Study: ALive Powered by AIA

About AIA Wellness Co., Ltd.

ALive Powered by AIA is a health and wellness app for families that launched in Thailand in February 2021. A variety of features provide a well-rounded health and wellness experience including Telemedicine, Forum, My Diary (Food Scoring & Calories Tracker, Moments Log, Feeding Log, Growth Tracker, Vaccine Log), and Content. With 300,000 users at the end of 2021, ALive is continuing to grow into 2022 as part of AIA Welness Co., Ltd.’s ambition to create new products to bring to their customers.

The Challenge

During its first year, ALive had received a significant amount of fraudulent installs and registered users. Fraudsters were claiming e-commerce vouchers and profiting from click fraud. As ALive was paying vendors in a cost-per-lead model, their cost management and view of channel performance were significantly hindered.

Prior to Adjust, ALive had been tracking its production separately in its own reporting suite, which resulted in discrepancies between reported numbers. With a focus on user acquisition, while keeping cost-per-install and cost-per-lead in mind, ALive needed a way to accurately track its user acquisition from different marketing channels and campaigns.

It’s important to note that it is vital for companies in Thailand to build a strong digital foundation for collecting user insights and behaviors, as it reflects on how their products can impact their target users—something that’s very important to get right in the market. There is significant importance placed on having the right audience in order to effectively manage a company’s marketing and communications plan in order to bring in quality leads over quantity. With the full enforcement of Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (similar to Europe’s GDPR), getting control over these challenges and developing a strategic direction was more imperative than ever.

The Solution

Adjust helped ALive respond to these much-needed concerns and get back to focusing on a growth strategy for their app.

Adjust’s Fraud Prevention Suite helped them understand where fraudulent activity was originating. With this information, ALive has tackled the issue effectively and decreased the chances of overpaying cost per lead. This ultimately led to a reduction in acquisition cost, as well as an increase in the overall conversion rate for marketing channels.

Kantawat Tienthavorn

ALive Digital Marketing, Specialist, AIA Thailand

With the help of Adjust’s Audience Builder, ALive were able to effectively identify and communicate to their segmented target users. Adjust aligned ALive’s CRM data to Adjust’s reporting suite, streamlining ALive’s reporting to help them see the end-to-end results of their true marketing performance and eliminate fraudulent leads. Ultimately, Adjust was able to help ALive identify the effectiveness of individual channels, facilitate an increase in productivity, and reduce cost per acquisition.

The Results

Kantawat Tienthavorn

ALive Digital Marketing, Specialist, AIA Thailand

With the help of Adjust, ALive Powered by AIA has been able to:
  • Save almost $60,000 by identifying fraudulent users
  • Improve conversion rate by up to 60%
  • Determine which channels are yielding the most valuable leads in order to allocate and optimize budget

With its increased profitability, AIA Wellness Co. Ltd. is now ready to focus on building quality leads to increase performance and ROI using Adjust’s tools.