Case Study: ApnaKlub

About ApnaKlub

ApnaKlub is a B2B wholesale platform that provides better-than-industry margins on over 300 brands and dedicated delivery services throughout India. Due to its low costs, the e-commerce app is able to empower people to set up their own retail and sales businesses.

A reliable ordering system sells grocery, cosmetics, baby care, and personal hygiene products to retailers in underserved markets at wholesale prices. Businesses can order the brands they need without having to use multiple distributors and wholesalers to procure their goods.

The Challenge

With many sales officers across India, ApnaKlub faced difficulties tracking the performance of offline teams. To support their digital campaigns, ApnaKlub recognized the importance of reliable attribution to track individual campaign performance across multiple channels. They needed a strong attribution partner to help them track custom metrics like customer acquisition cost (CAC) and return on ad spend (ROAS) in order to double down on effective campaigns and reduce spend on non-efficient creatives.

Samarth Bhalla

Product Led Growth, ApnaKlub

The Solution

Adjust’s Datascape helped ApnaKlub understand which digital campaigns and channels were performing the strongest. Datascape’s custom reports allowed the team to extract insights from their unique metrics and datapoints to understand which KPIs to focus on. With all of ApnaKlub’s data in one place, visualizations and reports helped narrow down which campaigns to lead with.

They also generated links and QR codes for their offline teams. This helped measure sales officers’ individual performance and conversion rates as well as the offline performance of each city they marketed in across India.

The Results

With the help of Adjust, ApnaKlub was able to:
  • Increase conversion rate by 20%
  • Reduce digital user acquisition (UA) costs by 20%
  • Track custom metrics including CAC and ROAS

With dependable digital attribution and offline measurement in place, ApnaKlub is ready to transition to a subscription-based platform over the coming year. Confident in Datascape’s insights, the team is primed to sharpen segmented targeting with data-based predictive models, enhanced customer lifecycle management, and adoption of an omnichannel approach.

ApnaKlub also plans to enhance the consumer experience across all touchpoints such as product discovery in-app, product range, pricing, fulfillment, and customized payment options. With this plan in place, the company anticipates expansion to over 25 underserved areas by March 2023.

Samarth Bhala

Product Led Growth, ApnaKlub