Adjust empowered Appodeal to scale analytics growth in line with its expansion

About Appodeal

Appodeal focuses on empowering mobile app developers and publishers to kickstart and successfully expand their businesses. It aims to provide the best growth services for mobile app businesses through transparency, convenience, stability, innovation, and a commitment to being 100% unbiased. Based in Virginia in the United States, with additional offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Warsaw, Poland, Appodeal champions a culture of leadership, innovation, and resilience, aiming to inspire and enable creators of all sizes worldwide.

The challenge

As Appodeal continued expanding its services to empower a growing number of mobile app developers and publishers, the team recognized the necessity to not only sustain but also amplify the effectiveness of its user acquisition and monetization efforts. This would mean scaling their analytics capabilities with the help of an advanced but intuitive analytics solution.

The solution

Adjust introduced a significant update to its interface, focusing on enhancing user experience and functionality. The transition to the new interface centered around updates such as:

Campaign Lab: This new section significantly improved the organization of the Adjust dashboard by allowing clients to set up analytic partners within the ad networks section.

Data Works: Designed to centralize the connection and management of partners in one space, Data Works provides tools for additional reporting services. This includes ad spend, ad revenue, and SKAN data integration, facilitating a comprehensive view of monetization and advertising efforts in a singular, streamlined interface.

Datascape: Datascape received updates like pivot tables and nested table functionality, both of which are crucial for data analytics. These tools facilitate working with larger datasets more efficiently, offering dashboards for an overview of app performance, user acquisition, monetization, SKAN, events, cohorts, fraud prevention, and more, thus enabling detailed analysis and strategic planning.

Tanya Moroz

General Manager, Appodeal

The results

The overhaul of Adjust's interface and the introduction of new functionalities and solutions marked a significant improvement in Appodeal's operational efficiency and analytical capabilities, empowering Appodeal to:

  • Significantly reduce time to provide stakeholders with critical overviews of KPI performance.
  • Streamline analytics and campaign management processes, saving time and resources.
  • Enhance decision-making with access to more detailed and organized data analytics, leading to more informed strategic moves.

Overall, the transition to Adjust's new and improved interface equipped Appodeal with the tools needed to optimize its campaigns effectively. By embracing the updates and leveraging the enhanced capabilities of Adjust's platform, Appodeal was able to advance its mission of empowering mobile app developers and publishers, achieving greater success in its endeavors.